Rare Mass/Alter Gong
This is a very rare and hard to find all original three solid brass cylinder Church
Alter Gong with mallet. It is mounted on a heavy solid oak plaque and has the
original paper label on the back with 4 patent dates of Dec. 15, 1903; July 28,
1903; April 24, 1906 and sept. 3, 1907. The three solid brass cylinders are held
in place with four brass brackets marked "Communion, Sanctus, Offertory &
Benediction". The cylinder on the left is stamped with the international pitch
(C-517.3) and the large one in the middle is stamped on the bottom end "tap
here". This Gong comes with the original wood mallet and instructions (label on
back) how to play it:

#1. Tap gently on end of tubes with mallet

#2. Tap shortest tube first

#3. If tremlo is desired, wave fingers over hole in tube

There is also an adjustable brass stand mounted on the back. It measures 17"
high x 12-1/4" wide x 3-1/4" thick and weighs 13 pounds. It is in excellent
condition with normal wear commensurate with age...brass has not been
polished. The sound of  this gong when rung continues to resonate for quite a
long time before it fades away. The sound of the tremlo effect when the fingers
are waved over the tube hole is fabulous.
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Thank You