Cookie's Creations
1st Place Hemp Necklace

3rd Place Hemp Earrings
Hello, my name is Jessica but everyone calls me Cookie. I was born into
the family jewelry business and have been making jewelry most of my life.
I got a lot of my inspiration from my Mother. I entered two of my designs
into the 2008 Mountain State Fair. I was very surprised to find out that my
necklace received 1st place ribbon and that my earrings received a 3rd
place ribbon. This was the first time I had every entered any jewelry
contest. I enjoy making jewelry and am thankful to God for the ability He
has given me. When not making jewelry I am a full time college student
studying Forensics Science and am very interested in firearms
examinations.  If you see anything you would like made in a different color  
length or your own idea, please let me know. I will be happy to work with
you any way possible.
Check back soon for more jewelry and information.
If you have any questions
email me.
Thank You!