Grand Tour Perfume Casket Ca. 1870
Measurements: Casket - 6" w x 3-3/8" h x 2-1/2" d

                   Bottles - 1-7/16" square x 2-1/2" high

This stunning French Grand Tour perfume casket is constructed of cloth covered
wood with bone ribbing and has a hinged lid. The interior is covered with a silky
material. It contains 3 compartments that snugly hold the bottles. The fine French
crystal and doré gilded scent bottles are adorned with hand painted Historical
Landmarks on top. All 3 bottles are original to the casket which is getting very hard
to find. Upon searching the internet we disovered that many Perfume Caskets from
this time period do not have all three of the matching original bottles. We believe the
bottles were possible made by Baccarat but they are unsigned. All Baccarat bottles
made after 1936 have their stamped logo on them, but earlier bottles were
unmarked. The glass dabbers within the bottles are the original ones and are in
great condition with age appropriate wear. Two of the dabbers appear to be dried in
place. The hinges on the bottles work as intended. The overall condition is great
with age appropriate wear. The casket was made circa 1870.

Antique perfume caskets of this quality with the original bottles and dabbers are
getting harder to find, do not let this opportunity pass you by.

This spectacular Perfume Casket is sure to bring the lucky BUYER years of
Thank You
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